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Hamata offers a huge flat water lagoon, crystal clear water, the best wind statistics in Egypt, and a laid back atmosphere. If you want to kitesurf and not a lot else, this could be the perfect spot for your next kiteboarding holiday. There is a large waist deep area which makes this an ideal spot for anyone learning to kitesurf, and all the local kite schools offer lessons as well as transfers to the spot as none of them are directly on the kite spot itself. 

Hamata offers a little more greenery than a lot of the other Egyptian spots, and the mangroves on the upwind end of the lagoon really add to the beauty of this isolated kitesurfing paradise. With pretty consistent wind through the year this is definitely a good kite spot to put on the list to visit.

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Kitesurfing wind conditions in Hamata

Hamata’s wind conditions are generally great for kitesurfing, but as with all spots in Egypt it can be on and off, so better to bring your whole kite quiver if you have the space! During the peak season between May and September, the wind generally blows between 15-25 knots when it’s on, but there are still down days where you’ll be better off with a 17m kite. The temperature in peak summer soars during the day towards 40?, so a lycra is definitely a good option in June, July and August to protect you from the sun. The cooler months (March-May and September-November) can bring stronger wind, and you’ll definitely want a wetsuit to keep you warm for longer sessions, 3mm is generally fine closer to summer, but maybe 4/3 in the winter months.

Don’t get too close to the mangroves and watch out for shallow water on the reef particularly at low tide. The mangroves are a protected area, so no kiting allowed, but your accommodation will be able to give you all the local information. 

Around the kite spot Hamata

Hamata is very isolated so the only real options are kitesurfing, d...

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