About us:

From kiters for kiters. The mission of kiteguide.com is, to guide you to your personal perfect Kite Spot. Kitesurfers of each level shall find their favorite Kite Spot depending on your personal season, spot-type, scene and wind preferences worldwide.

kiteguide.com offers you a wide range of added value that will make our platform to your kite-information homebase – absolutely free of charge:

  • Filter Search to really find and not search your perfect Kite Spot
  • Rate Kite Spots you know to help other kiters to find their perfect spot
  • Add new Kite Spots and upload pictures
  • Add Kite Spots to your personal watchlist (and soon get notified about latest spot-news, ratings and comments)
  • Coming soon: Same structured funtionality to find your perfect Kite School!

Made with kitesurf passion in Switzerland