Sotavento Beach kite spot in Fuerteventura

Europe kitesurf spot in Spain

Sotavento beach has been a windsurfing and kitesurfing destination since the very beginning, and hosts events of both the windsurfing and kitesurfing world tours. It’s reliably windy thanks to the geography, it’s warm, has a European vibe and it’s only a short flight from most of Europe making this a perfect year round kiteboarding destination. The wind can be strong and gusty here in the summer as it funnels down between the two mountains, and on the beach it blows cross offshore which means all the local kite schools offer rescue facilities, you’ll just have to pay for them. Fuerteventura means “strong wind” and Sotavento is no exception to that, being even windier than the spots in the North of the island. 

Off Season

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Early Season

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Peak Season

  1. May
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  4. Aug

Late Season

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Kitesurfing wind conditions in Playa de Sotavento

The wind here blows most of the year, but the peak months for kitesurfing are from May until September, when the wind is at its strongest and can hit 40 knots some days. Generally during this time it’ll average over 20 knots, and the wind tends to pick up just before lunch, meaning if you like to sleep in this place might suit you. Due to the cross offshore wind direction the wind can be pretty gusty here, but compared to some Northern European spots it’s not too bad.

The water close to the beach is flat, and gets more choppy the further out you go, with little waves offering nice clean kickers to jump off closer to shore. Watch out for big shore dump at high tide and in strong wind, but generally it’s a pretty easy entry to the water. There is a kitesurf zone which is marked on the beach and with various signs, but if in doubt ask the local schools. Beginners will stay inside the lagoon at Sotavento, the ocean side is more for the kitesurfers who can stay upwind already. 

You’ll most likely want a wetsuit for the cooler months, but peak summer (June-August) you can...

Wind Forecast for Sotavento Beach

Wind Stats for Sotavento Beach

Kite conditions

  • water condition

    choppy, medium

  • starting area

    sandy beach

  • wind

    gusty, passat

  • wind daytime

    all day

  • ride type

    freeride, freestyle, hydrofoil, wakestyle, wave

  • skill level

    intermediate, advanced, professional

  • body wear

    long neo, short neo

At the spot

  • has shower


  • has toilet


  • date factor

    2 - low