Soma Bay kite spot in Hurghada

Africa kitesurf spot in Egypt

Soma Bay offers a huge area for kitesurfing, with crystal clear water and steady wind for most of the year. There are a few options for places to ride within Soma Bay itself and the kitesurfing conditions range from butter flat to slightly choppy depending where you are. It’s board shorts and tshirt for kiting during the summer, and only 4-5 hours flight from most of Europe, so it’s no wonder this beautiful place is such a popular destination for Europeans to kitesurf year round.

Egypt also offers an incredible amount of history and the Red sea a magnificent variety of sea life, so regardless of your reasons for visiting you won’t be disappointed.

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Wind condition for kitesurfing in Soma Bay

There is a good chance of wind for kitesurfing in Soma Bay all year round but the most consistent months are between April and October, when the temperature helps the thermal keep the wind stable. People jokingly say Egypt has hairdryer wind, in that it’s incredibly warm and stable, and Soma Bay is no exception with the wind generally averaging 18+ knots when it blows, even getting up to 30+ occasionally. Pack your 9m and 12m to cover the most common kiteboarding conditions, and maybe a 7m too if you have space.

If you ride on the Northern end of Soma bay you will find the absolute flattest water as it blows directly offshore, but even in the middle of the bay it is still a great place to ride with regular rolling chop. There are several kite boats which offer daily trips out into the lagoon and include rescue services should you need them. Just be a little careful here when riding over reefs, especially at low tide, as you can end up with some nasty cuts if you crash on them.

Activities around the kite spot Soma Bay

The Red Sea is well known for its incredible diving a...

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