Playa El Medano kite spot in Tenerife

Europe kitesurf spot in Spain

One of the few Kite Spots on tenerife with direct access and high wind probability due to the Passat wind. Also, the tourism is right on the promenade, which is very well separated by a small path. If you are looking for a Kite Spot not far from bars and cafes, this is the place for you. Not only the Kite Spot in El Medano has made the place known, but also its dignified flair and laid back style has driven kiteboarders and surfing friends here. The bay offers enough space for schools that teach near the beach, and kitesurfers, who can even drive out to the open sea. Here you will also find smaller waves that break on a small reef.

Off Season

  1. None

Early Season

  1. Feb
  2. Mar
  3. Apr
  4. May

Peak Season

  1. Jun
  2. Jul
  3. Aug
  4. Sep

Late Season

  1. Jan
  2. Oct
  3. Nov
  4. Dec
Playa El Medano is a trendy and for families suitable Kite Spot in Tenerife which brings Conditions for Advanced, Professional and Intermediate Riders with options for Downwinders.
This Ocean and Island Kite Spot is situated in Tenerife and is ideal for Wave, Freestyle and Freeride kiters. The common starting Area is from shallow water and sandy beach and there is no Tide Dependancy. Peak Season in Playa El Medano is in June, July and August.

Kitesurfing wind conditions in Playa El Medano

The Playa El Medano Spot is located in the Region Tenerife in Tenerife. Playa El Medano is dominated by stable, passat and gusty winds usually all day long.

Around the Kite Spot Playa El Medano

At the Kite Spot there is kite repair and a rescue service. Playa El Medano in Tenerife offers during peak season in June, July and August activities such as Hiking, Sailing, Day Trips, Diving, Barhopping, Quad Bikes, Horse Riding, Cycling, Climbing, Jet Ski, Culture & Sightseeing, Aquapark, Snorkeling, Kajak and Buggy. Near the kite area of Playa El Medano in the wider area of Tenerife you will find a trendy and ...

Wind Forecast for Playa El Medano

Wind Stats for Playa El Medano

Kite conditions

  • water condition

    choppy, medium

  • starting area

    sandy beach

  • wind

    gusty, passat

  • wind daytime

    all day

  • ride type

    freeride, freestyle, hydrofoil, wakestyle, wave

  • skill level

    beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional

  • body wear

    long neo, short neo

At the spot

  • date factor

    3 - middle