Gollendorf kite spot in Fehmarn

Europe kitesurf spot in Germany

Fehmarn on the Baltic sea in Northern Germany is well known for kitesurfing, hosting the world cup each year and being the spiritual home of Core kites. The kite spot at Gollendorf offers a large lagoon with shallow water, perfect for anyone looking for flat water to practice, from total beginners up to professional kitesurfers. Being in Northern Europe it’s not a kite spot which is always windy, but since it works in multiple wind directions you can generally grab a session here if there is wind in the forecast. The summer can be nice and warm on Fehmarn but the winters are bitterly cold, so even though the wind statistics are better in the winter it’s only the hardiest kitesurfers that will want to venture out at that time of year!

Watch out for the large rocks on the edge of the water, particularly when entering and exiting the water for kitesurfing. Beginners might be more comfortable launching their kites while already standing in the water.

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Kitesurfing wind conditions in Gollendorf

Like any Northern European spot it’s difficult to define an actual ‘season’ for kitesurfing, as based purely on the wind you’d probably suggest the winter would be the best here but you’d be freezing your fingers off without the proper cold weather gear, so it’s not for everyone! Generally the best times for kitesurfing with a mix of wind and comfort are between April and October, when the air and water temperature are more reasonable for human survival. During this time the wind can be on and off, so best to consult a few wind forecasts, or just call the local kite schools and ask them what conditions look like. Luckily wind forecasts in Europe tend to be pretty good, so you can plan your trip based on them and go where the wind is. Ideal conditions are with the wind from the West, South or East. In Northerly wind you’ll probably want to head to the North side of Fehmarn.

Around the kite spot Gollendorf

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