Oostende kite spot in Flanders

Europe kitesurf spot in Belgium

Oostende can offer some great kitesurfing conditions if you get the conditions right, but like a lot of Northern Europe the most difficult thing is for all the stars to align, and to have sun, waves, wind and tide all on your side! It’s not really a beginner friendly kitesurfing spot as there can be a reasonably strong current and the waves can get quite powerful, but if you know what you’re doing there’s fun to be had here. The apartment blocks overlooking the beach don’t exactly offer the most attractive backdrop, and you’ll need to be aware of the wave breakers scattered up and down the beach, but if you’re in the area and the forecast looks promising then why not head down and enjoy it? It will work for kitesurfing in wind directions from South West round to North East, with North West blowing straight onshore. 

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Kitesurfing wind conditions in Oostende 

Like a lot of European kite spots the conditions can be changeable, but at least the forecasts tend to be fairly accurate, so you can plan your kitesurfing sessions pretty well. The main wind directions here are from the South West and West, which means cross or cross onshore wind. The swells also come in from the West, occasionally offering some really fun little waves, but often being more chop hopping than anything.

Summer from June to August is the best time to kite here because the temperature is pretty pleasant, but it’s also the weakest time for wind, so you really need to watch the forecast if you want to score a kite session. Also be aware that in July and August there are only certain areas you can launch and land your kite and kitesurf, so check the signs on the beach. The winter is when you’ll find the strongest wind in Oostende and the biggest swells, but it’s also normally stormy and cold so it’s up to you if you fancy venturing out, and you’ll need a thick wetsuit!

Around the kite spot Oostende 

Oostende has a fair bit to offer other than kitesurf...

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